Home Self Improvement 21 Essential Rules for Boosting Happiness Everyone Should Adopt

21 Essential Rules for Boosting Happiness Everyone Should Adopt

21 Essential Rules for Boosting Happiness Everyone Should Adopt

What do you presume to be the percentage of Americans who regard themselves as very happy? The pursuit of happiness often appears like a fleeting firefly, always twinkling beyond reach. But in this piece, we’re going to shift that perspective, asserting happiness as something we create, not merely something that happens to us. We will explore simple principles which, while they offer guidance, don’t limit the decisions and outlooks we form daily.

Why You Need Personal Rules

The power of personal rules cannot be underestimated. According to a 2021 study, merely 19% of people reported being very happy, while 24% acknowledged they were not very happy. Those in the age bracket of 18 to 34 were the least likely to express being “very happy,” with a measly 14%, while an alarming 30% declared themselves “not very happy.

Personal rules are the safeguards you construct for yourself. While relationship boundaries denote your limit relating to others, personal rules are laws that you establish and manage. Their significance stems from:

Absence of Dependencies: Personal rules find fulfillment solely in your behavior, actions, and thoughts. No material aspects, relationship status, or financial standing affect them.

Full Authority: You are the drafter of your rules, liberating you from the constraints of societal expectations or the struggle of control with rules set by others.

Constructive Framework: With these rules, you can focus on weaknesses, strengthening the pillars of a happier life

Here we’ve curated 21 uplifting rules that we all could adopt for a happier life.

When Pharrell’s catchy lyrics, It might seem crazy what Im about to say had us all dancing and clapping in 2013, many of us were still left pondering what happiness truly signifies. To avoid clichs of defining happiness, we’ll explore these rules with an open mind and heart.

1. The Golden Rule: Treat others like you want to be treated. It’s time we start practicing this age-old proverb instead of merely repeating it.

2. Consideration towards others: Do not treat others in a way you wouldn’t want to be treated yourself.

3. Embrace the Present: Instead of worrying about the past or anxious about the future, relish the moment.

4. Problem-Solving Not Complaining: Instead of complaining about problems, focus on solving them.

5. Being Gentle: Simply put dont be a jerk. Recognize when you’re being one and put an effort to stop.

6. Share positivity: A simple smile can hugely uplift your mood and those around you as well.

7. De-clutter Your Space: Clean spaces can create clear minds.

8. Digital Detox: Dedicate a portion of your day disconnected from all your devices.

9. Turn Off the News: Separate yourself from negativity in the news if it brings you down.

10. Practice Forgiveness: Forgive yourself and others for peace of mind, not to justify harmful actions.

11. Mindful Conversations: Contribute to the conversation only if it can improve the dialogue.

12. Respect Differing Opinions: Acknowledge and respect that others might have different beliefs.

13. Distance from Toxicity: Dont hesitate to cut ties with toxic people in your life.

14. Accept Imperfections: Acknowledge that striving for perfection can hinder happiness.

15. Balanced Diet: Eating in moderation significantly contributes to maintaining mental and physical health.

16. Laugh at Mistakes: Look at your past mistakes with a sense of humor and learn lessons from them.

17. Share Your Talents: Your unique skills and gifts can be a source of joy and pride. Share them with the world.

18. Reconnect with Nature: Make time to be outside, as its scientifically proven to enhance happiness.

19. Gratitude: Practicing daily gratitude helps to focus on positivity, particularly on strenuous days.

20. Practice Kindness: Being kind to others invariably brings joy.

21. Learning Habit: Attempt to learn something new daily.

The trick to adopting these rules is to see them as adaptable guidelines rather than rigid mandates. They yield more appeal when there’s room for flexibility. Remember that these rules come with accountability you’ve committed to them but be gentle with self-punishment if you falter. Discuss your aims with friends and family and seek their support. Notice the trends of your mood and happiness over days and find patterns you can work on.

Remember that with each day comes a multitude of choices that affect mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Making these rules a default part of your decision-making process can help steer your life towards a more consistent and sustainable joy. Even amid chaotic days, keeping these rules in mind can help maintain your happiness lane, regardless of unexpected detours.

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