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21 Devastating Indicators She’s Faking Her Love For You

21 Devastating Indicators She's Faking Her Love For You

She professes her love for you, but her behavior suggests otherwise. It’s a common refrain and it begs the question: What are tangible signs that her love for you isn’t genuine?

Today we will discuss this in detail. We will go over a few possible reasons that can cause a discrepancy between what she says and how she behaves, leaving you puzzled. From there, we will outline some strategies to navigate this tricky situation. Let’s dive in.

How to Tell if a Girl Is Just Stringing You Along?

You have deep feelings for her and you might even be in love. However, you’re unclear about her feelings towards you. Occasionally, her behavior confuses you and makes you wonder if she genuinely likes you.

Indications of an unbalanced relationship might include:

  • Your friends and family do not particularly like her.
  • She doesn’t seem keen on progressing the relationship in a substantial way.
  • For every positive step you both take, there’s an immediate backtrack, like taking three steps back.
  • Your intuition suggests that something is off in the relationship.

21 Indicators That She Might Be Pretending To Love You

Could your girlfriend or wife be feigning love for you? Is she staying in the relationship because there’s nothing better out there for her yet? Do you constantly question: Why doesn’t she love me?

Let’s delve into some warning signs that might provide answers.

1. Her Promises Do Not Match Her Actions

She assures you that she’ll be present at your business dinner but fails to show up. She promises to spend time with you over the weekend, only to cancel at the last minute on Friday because something came up.

While it’s not unusual for unforeseen circumstances to alter plans, if she consistently falls short of her commitments, it might suggest a lack of genuine interest on her part.

2. She Rarely Does Acts of Kindness Dictated by Love

In a balanced relationship, there are lots of giving and receiving. While grand gestures are not a necessity, sometimes it’s the small acts that matter the most. If your partner never does small thoughtful things spontaneously (like cooking a meal, surprising you with your favorite takeout, or doing household chores without having to be asked), it could be a potential warning sign of lack of commitment.

3. She Keeps Secrets

You increasingly feel suspicious because she goes silent whenever you probe about certain things. You start doubting if she’s completely sincere and honest with you. You can’t help but wonder if she has secrets she doesn’t want to share.

But if your relationship is still fairly new, give her some time. She might not be ready to disclose her deepest secrets just yet.

4. She Over-Emphasizes Materialism

Does your partner give undue importance to the materialistic aspects of your relationship? Does she seem happy only when you shower her with expensive gifts or take her on luxury vacations?

This might indicate that she values your financial resources more than your connection and love.

5. She Prioritizes Her Convenience Over Yours

She isn’t available when you invite her, but expects you to alter your plans according to hers. If this is frequently occurring, it could be a red flag.

6. She Frequently Talks About Other Men

Lately, she can’t help but gush over another man every time you meet. Is it a colleague, or a friend of a friend? Either way, it makes you question if there’s more to their relationship.

7. She’s Always Coming Up With Excuses

A tendency to blame others and circumstances for issues in your relationship could be her tactic to evade responsibility. This may also indicate that she is not fully invested in the relationship.

8. She Neglects the Little Things

In long-lasting, loving relationships, the little things matter a lot. If she largely remains indifferent to small gestures of love you make, be watchful for other glaring signs. A relationship lacking mutual appreciation is bound to breed resentment.

9. She Cheats On You

Different people have different tolerance levels when it comes to cheating. But if she knows your stance and still indulges in infidelity, consider it a confirmation that she doesn’t respect or love you.

10. She Acts Differently Around Others

Are you often taken aback by how she turns into a different person around other people and treats them much better than she treats you when you’re alone?

11. Her Dating Profile Remains Active

In this digital age, deactivating your online dating profiles shows commitment. If you discover that she’s still keeping hers active, it might be a signal for a serious discussion about your relationship.

12. She Rarely Initiates Intimacy

A decline in her sexual interest could signal either infidelity or loss of interest. However, consider various factors like health issues, medication, mental health, or aging that could tie to such changes.

13. You Never Seem To Be Her Priority

Your goals, desires, and time don’t seem to have much importance in her life. This one-sided nature of commitment can be a warning flag worth noting.

14. She Avoids Meaningful Conversations

Clear communication is crucial for a successful relationship. Her constant evasion of deep and meaningful discussions might suggest that she’s hiding something, and it might be her lack of commitment.

15. She’s Not Sentimental

If she doesn’t reminisce about the good moments you’ve spent together or seems annoyed when you bring them up, she might not be emotionally connected to you or the relationship.

16. She Belittles You Publicly

Public humiliation, especially in front of business associates, is not just rude, but also a sign that she may not love you.

17. She Insults You in Private

Her display of disrespect extends to private moments as well. Being subjected to constant belittling is not just emotionally draining, but a sign that she might not love you.

18. She’s Continuously Nitpicking

If she’s always criticizing everything you do, it might be time to reconsider whether she’s just filling time until someone better comes along.

19. She Avoids Introducing You to Friends and Family

If you’ve been together for a while and she’s still hesitant about introducing you to her social circle, it might indicate that she sees the relationship as temporary and doesn’t truly love you.

20. She Lies

Habitual dishonesty can not only sabotage the trust in your relationship but is also an indication of her lack of respect and love for you.

21. She Tells You

If she has clearly communicated that she’s not interested in a serious relationship, it’s on you to accept the reality.

Why Would Someone Pretend To Love You?

Sometimes, people pretend to be in love for various reasons: perceived financial stability, professional benefits, fear of loneliness, societal pressure, or even self-deception.

What Should You Do When You Suspect That She’s Feigning Love?

Before accusing someone of pretense, take a moment to assess whether your paranoias or personal insecurities might be clouding your judgment. If you’re confident in your assessment, confront her about it calmly and without aggression. If she chooses to distance herself or is unable to reciprocate your feelings, considering a break-up might be the right step forward.

The world of dating is indeed complicated. The roller-coaster of emotions can sometimes blur one’s judgment. As difficult as it may seem, it’s important to step back and gain perspective. Always remember, you deserve a partner who cherishes you, and settling for anything less will only breed resentment and unhappiness in the future.

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