Home Relationships 17 Wholesome Measures for Healing Post Infidelity: A Comprehensive Guide

17 Wholesome Measures for Healing Post Infidelity: A Comprehensive Guide

17 Wholesome Measures for Healing Post Infidelity: A Comprehensive Guide

Has your trust been betrayed by a loved one?

While guiltlessly giving in to our food cravings is one thing, being unfaithful to a partner is a whole different ballgame. The spectrum of infidelity, from emotional to physical, from one-time incidents to long-haul affairs, has the potential to send your thoughts into a whirlwind and stir up a storm in your stomach.

But don’t worry, it’s normal. Research indicates that the agony of betrayal bears a close resemblance to physical pain. If you feel lost and don’t know how to mend the wounds of unfaithfulness, we can lend a guiding hand in your journey toward healing.

Why Can’t I Stop Obsessing Over Being Betrayed?

Healing from the trauma of infidelity can be a winding, agonizing road if you let it. The initial revelation can hit you like an explosion. You may initially feel dumbfounded as if you’ve been struck by lightning.

Gradually, your mind begins to absorb more details, which can lead to relentless ruminations. A combination of intense emotions and chemical reactions triggers this. Adrenaline gears you up for survival in the face of danger; Dopamine activates your motivation to mend things and elevate your happiness hormones; Serotonin thrives when everything is fine, but can hit a downslope in distress, impacting your mood and emotions directly; Cortisol, the stress hormone fills the void left by serotonin and fuels the cycle of intrusive thoughts and overthinking.

Healing After Betrayal: 17 Useful Techniques

Instead of striving to quickly get over the betrayal, concentrate on embracing it. This may involve adopting hour-by-hour, day-by-day, or week-by-week healing practices.

1. Engage in linear thinking rather than continuous looping.
2. Pen down your thoughts as they occur.
3. Regulate communication with the person who betrayed you.
4. Look at the larger picture of your relationship.
5. Refuse to take responsibility for the betrayal, regardless of circumstances.
6. Acknowledge any underlying mental health issues that might be exacerbating the situation.
7. Conscious effort to manage neurotransmitters in your brain can help maintain a balanced state of mind.
8. Don’t let anyone dictate your grieving process.
9. Seek professional help from a therapist.
10. Sing it out, as a temporary release of emotions.
11. Let go of assumptions and extreme thinking.
12. Try not to suppress or escape from the pain.
13. Allow yourself the time to fully grasp the situation before making any decisions.
14. Stop seeking logical closure in the chaos.
15. Engage in things that make you feel good about yourself.
16. Allow your emotions to flow naturally, but don’t be overwhelmed by them.
17. Find someone who has gone through the same experience to inspire your journey.

Will the Pain from Infidelity Ever Subside?

Just like physical wounds heal leaving a scar, emotional ones do too. However, the duration and intensity of your suffering are optionally yours and depend on numerous factors.

Final Thoughts

It’s nearly impossible to find out your partner’s been unfaithful and emerge unscathed. Expect grief for who you were, but also rejoice in the knowledge and personal growth on this transformative journey.

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