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15 Top-Notch Books on Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

15 Top-Notch Books on Enhancing Emotional Intelligence

Do you wish to elevate your career prospects and relationship outcomes? Increasing your emotional intelligence could be the perfect starting point. Talent Smart’s study reveals that emotional intelligence is the key determinant of success at work.

In the 90s, psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer suggested that individuals with high emotional intelligence could accurately comprehend their emotions and leverage them to guide their decisions. People with a high EQ, also exhibited an exceptional ability to understand others’ emotions and influence them accordingly.

Contrary to IQ, which stays constant throughout your life, EQ is a more dynamic skill that can be honed and elevated with practice. There are numerous books available on emotional intelligence intending to help you enhance these critical competencies. By following expert guidance, you can enhance self-awareness, effectively regulate emotions, and improve social skills.

The 15 Top-Notch Books on Emotional Intelligence

1. Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ by Daniel Goleman

Penned by a Harvard Ph.D., this book elucidates the five critical skills requisite for emotional intelligence, drawing from the latest psychological and neuroscience research. It richly illustrates how rational and emotional traits shape your relationships and career.

2. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves

Offering a hands-on approach to enhancing EQ, the authors (co-founders of an emotional intelligence testing firm) provide concrete steps for enhancing critical areas such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

3. Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World: Workbook for Enhancing Emotional Intelligence Skills by Barbara A. Kerr Ph.D.

Structured as a workbook, it amalgamates key data about emotional intelligence with exercises to improve personal resilience, self-compassion, and empathy towards others.

4. EQ Applied: The Real-World Guide to Emotional Intelligence by Justin Bariso

Bariso’s work focuses on the application of emotional intelligence in real-life scenarios. Drawing examples from notable business leaders, it educates readers to better manage emotions and warns about the potential misuse of emotional intelligence.

5. Emotional Intelligence: For a Better Life, Success at Work, and Happier Relationships by Brandon Goleman

This book aims to elucidate the effect of emotional intelligence in your life, covering topics like empathy and methods for amplifying your EQ for enhanced success at work and personal life.

6. Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio

Penned by Ray Dalio, the founder of an exceedingly successful investment firm, he shares the success-secret of his firm radical truth and radical transparency.

7. HBR Emotional Intelligence Boxed Set (6 Books) by Harvard Business Review, Daniel Goleman, Annie McKee, Bill George, Herminia Ibarra

This boxed set brings together a wealth of research and viewpoints on emotional intelligence.

8. Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life by Susan David

Chosen as the ‘Book of the Year’ by Amazon, this title concentrates on building emotional resilience to thrive amid life’s unpredictable curveballs.

9. Working with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Through a series of case studies, Goleman explores how emotional Intelligence outweighs technical knowledge in the journey to business success.

10. How to Heal and Connect with Yourself and Others through Emotional Intelligence and Healthy Boundaries by Lulu Baba

Departing from the business-oriented focus, the book emphasizes how emotional intelligence can enhance healing, acceptance of others, and forming positive communities.

Did you find an EQ book that suits your needs?

We hope that you’ve identified an emotional intelligence book that speaks to your unique situation. Reading any of these books will pave the way to augmenting life-changing skills that can positively transform your career and personal relationships.

By investing in your understanding of emotional intelligence, you will gain invaluable insights into your own emotions and those of others. So seize the day and start your transformational journey with an EQ book.

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