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13 Consequences of Neglecting a Narcissist Who’s Overlooking You

13 Consequences of Neglecting a Narcissist Who's Overlooking You

Have you ever been on a drawn-out customer service call, waiting for someone to respond? This can be likened to when a narcissist neglects you.

Imagine being deliberately left on hold by the customer representative purely to frustrate you. That’s the kind of manipulation at play within the narcissist’s psyche. The more you yearn for communication, the less they provide.

The 13 possible outcomes when you disregard a narcissist:

1. They will become furious.
2. They will shower adoration on someone else.
3. They will observe you closely.
4. They will provoke you.
5. They will test your tolerance.
6. They will tarnish your reputation.
7. They will persistently be in your vicinity.
8. They will distort reality to make you feel terrible.
9. They will project their insecurities onto you.
10. They will continue to shun you.
11. They will understand your limits.
12. They will issue deceptive apologies.
13. They will start love-bombing you again.

The subsequent steps involve how to dismiss a Narcissist:

1. Refrain from contacting them via various channels.
2. Do not interact with their social media posts.
3. Avoid posting content seeking attention on social media.
4. Never inquire about them through mutual contacts.
5. Act unaffected by their presence.
6. Resist the urge to reconnect.

When a narcissist is sidelined, they may react in surprising ways. Get ready for it. When you ostracize a narcissist, they retaliate.

They intentionally withdraw their attention to chastise, provoke, and incite you to capitulate to their dominance.

Each numbered point can be fleshed out from the original text, preserving the meaning and information but using simple, straightforward language. The conclusion can similarly be rewritten:

Final Thoughts

The futile quest to regain the affection of a narcissist can be compared to spinning a wheel of self-destruction. Narcissists thrive on the chaos and attention this cycle produces. It’s impossible to truly earn a narcissist’s favor, and the sooner you grasp this, the better. Attempting to outsmart these individuals is like participating in a mentally ill-defined game with no potential gain.

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