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11 Practical Steps to Embrace and Express Your Authentic Self

11 Practical Steps to Embrace and Express Your Authentic Self

“Always be yourself!” Rings a bell, doesn’t it? It’s a piece of advice that sounds so easy, yet it may feel like a Herculean task. If only we could be ourselves, if only we knew exactly who that was. We spend so much time trying to emulate someone we admire or aspire to be, that we oftentimes lose our essence in the process, or worse, hardy recognize it at all. Much of what we consider our true self might just be a social persona, a pretense to mask our shortcomings or to project a certain image to the world. So, how can we recapture our genuineness? How can we reclaim our identity in an environment head-over-heels for superficiality? Let’s discuss some everyday actions you can take to reconnect with your inner self.

What does it mean to be yourself?

It is essential to tackle this question as we are ever-evolving creatures. Do we have a single, unchangeable self throughout our lives, or does our true self progress over time? Perhaps the notion of a definitive self is an illusion, and it’s just a collage we create incorporating our personality traits, lifestyles, actions, expressions, and choices. Maybe it’s a mix of everything. Through life experiences and self-exploration, we gradually reveal what resonates with us the most. Our adventure involves distinguishing the genuine from the counterfeit to unveil our real selves.

Being yourself signifies…

Understanding your values and leading a life accordingly, celebrating your looks, intellect, character, and talents, recognizing your preferences and dislikes and setting boundaries accordingly, creating your own life philosophy and belief system, owning your choices and deeds, defining and meeting your standards of integrity, formulating independent beliefs regardless of popular opinion, letting go of societal masks, defenses, or self-criticism.

The journey to complete self-acceptance is a gradual one, requiring abundant curiosity and the will power to shed any pretense that clouds your identity.

Let’s now discuss the 11 pragmatic steps to reclaim yourself:

1. Disconnect from the digital world:

Individuals are reported to spend about 136 minutes each day on social media platforms, according to Statista.com. Such perpetual interconnectedness can sometimes be more harmful than beneficial. Extensive screen times and addiction to often misleading content can hinder your self-realization journey. Make a conscious effort to unplug, shift your focus inward, and spend quality time with yourself.

2. Embrace your virtues and flaws:

We’re all complex beings, a blend of strengths and weaknesses. These imperfections don’t define us; rather, they are integral to our character development. Recognizing and accepting your entire self, flaws included, is one of the first steps to authentic living. Your vulnerabilities connect you with shared humanity, so don’t hesitate to reveal your authentic self. Acceptance paves the path toward actualization.

3. Don’t let the past define you:

Holding onto past errors can obstruct our growth. Remember, your past lapses do not define you. There’s so much more to you than your missteps. Embrace your past as learning experiences and focus on cultivating a better future.

4. Don’t compare yourself to other people:

Often, our longing for social acceptance drives us to conform, resulting in hiding our unique identities. Once you abolish the facade and the need to align yourself with others, you’ll find the power to be unapologetically yourself.

5. Do what makes YOU happy:

In the race to please others, we often sideline our desires. Catering to other’s whims far too often can rob you of your personal satisfaction. Being true to yourself involves finding joy in the activities that fill you with happiness, irrespective of others’ opinions.

6. Learn to express yourself:

Do you have a distinctive style? Do you enjoy creative pursuits? Embrace your unique interests and lose yourself in them. Crafting your unique expression brings you a step closer to self-discovery.

7. Choose your surroundings carefully:

Your environment significantly shapes your growth just as the sun and rain nourish a plant. Seek company that inspires and encourages authenticity.

8. Stand up for what you believe in:

Holding ground for your convictions and aligning with your values are critical to self-advocacy. This doesnt imply imposing your beliefs on others. However, never compromise your principles for societal acceptance.

9. Get out of your comfort zone:

To truly understand yourself, you must challenge your limits. This might involve slightly tweaking your routines or taking up challenging endeavors. Either way, venturing out of your comfort zone helps you uncover your hidden facets.

10. Utilize your skills:

Leverage your abilities not only professionally but in every life aspect. This extends beyond learned abilities to innate talents as well. Identifying and nurturing such talents can unveil your core being.

11. Listen to your intuition:

At times, your subconscious might signal that something is awry. In such moments, consult your intuition and ask, “Is this action/behavior in alignment with my true self?” If your inner voice says no, step back.

The quest for selfhood is a gradual, continuous process. Each small step you take awakens new possibilities and uncovers hidden potential. Embrace your journey with confidence and anticipate each new horizon with open arms.

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