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11 Clear Indications of Bisexuality in a Man You’re Currently Dating

11 Clear Indications of Bisexuality in a Man You're Currently Dating

Perhaps your partner’s words and actions have been puzzling, or his social media behavior might have caught your attention. Either way, you are likely here because you are contemplating if the man you’re currently seeing could be bisexual. It doesn’t make you insensitive or judgmental to ponder over your boyfriend’s sexual inclinations. After all, isn’t understanding your partner’s sexual orientation a common curiosity? Indeed it is. Therefore, to assist you in navigating this situation, we will explore some potential indicators that a man might be bisexual.

11 Noticeable Signs of Bisexuality in Males

Responding to the question – ‘How to tell if your boyfriend is bisexual?’ might seem challenging given that people are unique in their ways due to personal experiences, cultural impacts, and genetics that mold character and behavior. However, certain actions, especially when frequently observed, could imply bisexuality. Let’s explore some of these.

1. Unusually Close to Other Men: If the man you’re dating is openly out, he might flirt with other men rather casually. Perhaps he’s not so open about his sexual identity, but he might be extremely friendly with males he finds attractive. While it’s healthy for men to have close friends, if your boyfriend appears overly attached and private with his friends, the relationship might go beyond platonymic ties.

2. Relationship Issues: Sexuality can be looked at from a wide range called the Heterosexual-Homosexual Rating Scale, or Kinsey Scale. The scale suggests that individuals range between 0 (exclusively heterosexual) and 6 (exclusively homosexual), with a middle ground for those who share both tendencies. If your boyfriend lies closer to 3 or more on this scale, you might experience intimacy challenges with him.

3. Excessive Libido: People in the midpoint of the Kinsey scale often exhibit heightened libido, meaning they might be sexually attracted to individuals irrespective of their gender. However, this is not to insinuate that bisexual or homosexual people are promiscuous; it’s a possible indicator that could enlighten you when noticed with other signs.

4. Physically Comfortable with Men: Is your boyfriend physically affectionate with other men? Does he have physical interactions with other males that seem a bit overwhelming? If he always appears to be comfortable around males when you’re out together, there’s a probability he might be bisexual.

5. Makes Homophobic Remarks: Some people suppress their true sexual orientation to match societal norms. They may overembellish this by making homophobic comments or demonstrating homophobic behavior.

6. Talks Much, Delivers Little: Does your boyfriend brag about his sexual prowess without living up to it? Is he full of excuses to avoid sexual intimacy with you? This could be an obvious sign that he’s grappling with his sexual identity.

7. Gazes at Other Men: Does your partner appear distracted by other men when you’re out together? Does he make you feel like an accessory to a picture-perfect heterosexual relationship? Hold off on any conclusions, but if it’s consistent behavior, it might be worth having a discussion about his sexuality.

8. Highly Private: Is he an exceptionally private person? Does he keep minimal details about his past and present life? He could be countering internalized homophobia and, as a result, be hiding his reality.

9. His LGBTQ+ Friends Act Strange: The presence of LGBTQ+ friends is not an automatic indicator of one’s sexuality. However, if his LGBTQ+ friends are evasive about discussing his past, they could be maintaining his secret.

10. Uses Neutral Pronouns: Does he use gender-neutral language when discussing his past relationships? It is increasingly common for individuals to use gender-neutral terms, but if such usage makes you curious, you should consider speaking about it directly.

11. Finds Same-Sex Adult Material Attractive: Harpered to the point, heterosexual men generally do not find same-sex adult content appealing. If you discover that your boyfriend enjoys such content, it could be a strong indicator of bisexuality.

Tips on How to React if You See Bisexual Traits in Your Boyfriend

You’ve noticed several signs of bisexuality in your boyfriend. What should be your next step? The answer is highly personal. However, here are some suggestions:

  • Understand what you want: Do you feel comfortable dating someone who is bisexual? Your preference is totally legitimate as long as it does not breed prejudices or discrimination.
  • Discuss: If you suspect that your boyfriend is hiding his sexuality, consider having an open conversation about it. Clarity is vital here to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary confusion.
  • Consult others: Ask your friends and family if they’ve noticed anything unusual. Seek their opinion without making them uncomfortable.

Should You Break Up with a Man Who Is Bisexual?

Whether you can pursue a relationship with a bisexual man boils down to your individual comfort level. Some are comfortable with it, while others may not be, and both are fine. Key factors to consider are:

  • Religious beliefs: If your faith prohibits a relationship with a non-heterosexual person, it’s crucial to be honest about it.
  • Personal comfort: Are you comfortable with the idea of your boyfriend having gender-versatile interests? Being honest about your feelings and comfort level is important.
  • Future intimacy: Some bisexual people might require a versatile sexual life for complete satisfaction. Is this something you could be comfortable with?

Final Thoughts

Dating, no doubt, is complex – everyone has their preferences and effective communication and honesty are key to a fulfilling relationship. Carefully introspect your own comfort level and expectations. Be true to yourself. If you approach your relationship with sincerity and transparency, things will fall into place the way they are meant to.

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